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BLESSINGS from Psalmist Susan in Australia

THIS SITE IS BEING UPDATED (Sept,2023)~ I pray the many articles, prophecies I’m receiving and videos I share here will help to ENCOURAGE & PREPARE you as part of the beloved, BETROTHED NEW COVENANT BRIDE for our HEAVENLY BRIDEGROOM’S soon return. This will be like a ‘MAIN HUB’ with LINKS to all my other ‘Bride of Messiah’ websites, YouTube and Facebook Group etc.
OUR SALVATION is an ongoing SANCTIFICATION process! We’re all on the Psalm 23 journey of RESTORATION, HEALING & DELIVERANCE of our souls unto God. We’re all going through our own WILDERNESS experiences and TESTING times in GOD’S CRUCIBLE to bring us forth as “Gold tried in the fire”. We all make mistakes but God looks on our TRUE HEART DESIRES. He doesn’t expect perfection or want us laboring under the “heavy yoke” of the law.. but that we commit ourselves to the NEW COVENANT of LOVE and lean on OUR BELOVED SAVIOR in utter dependence.. learning step by step, day by day, how to become the OVERCOMERS. Revelation 2 & 3. This is the purpose for our SPIRITUAL CLEANSING and ANOINTING process.. to become the HOLY sons and daughters of the Most High God and be given AUTHORITY TO RULE & REIGN WITH LORD YESHUA in the eons to come. Such an AMAZING plan.. a MYSTERY HIDDEN in the FATHER’S HEART from BEFORE the creation.. and now we are being made NEW CREATIONS.. both Jew and Gentiles together being PREPARED for the GLORIOUS NEW JERUSALEM!
PRAYER~ May our HEAVENLY FATHER bless, protect, guide and fill us with the HOLY SHEKINAH SPIRIT OF LOVE & WISDOM. May we all be PROPHETIC people in these last days, FAITHFUL to YESHUA /JESUS CHRIST the MESSIAH of ISRAEL and growing spiritually as we watch and wait for His appearing to us. Not our will but thine be done according to your great PROPHETIC PLANS & PURPOSES. Blessed are You oh Lord our God King of the universe, AMEN @PsalmistSusan