A Prayer to the Holy Spirit

“Dew of Heaven…”

As the morning spread upon the mountain… so is the Lord when He comes down upon His people…

As the dew upon Mt. Hermon… so gentle and refreshing… washing and renewing our spirit within us.

(from one of my “Songs of Comfort” Ex.16 & Ps.133)

Holy Breathe of God…Ruah Ha Kodesh…

Like the Mystery of the Wind…please blow again upon my life, washing and renewing my spirit within me… stilling my fears… for “I thirst”. Feed my soul with your Heavenly Manna… just a little Word… just a little Silence… in this Secret Place with you.
Dear Blessing of the Presence…
Soothe my aching heart…with the Balm of God’s Healing Love… take away my expectations… and anxiety… and disappointments! I yield to you… help me let it all go… into your Great hands. Help me not to keep taking over… controlling everything.
Giver of Life…Bringer of Comfort & Peace…

Show me how to Rest…how to Worship, how to Trust in the Unseen… knowing He sees me…knowing He Does care… knowing it’s not all in vain… my efforts, my work, my struggle. Knowing and believing… in His plan and purposes, that I am a valuable part of them… even though I can’t understand!


As in the Beginning…

Move upon the darkness… the ignorance… the chaos of my imperfection and say, “Let there be Light!” Irradiating… Illuminating… Enlightening… Guiding and Teaching me in the “Way” of Love, Say “Peace be still!”… help me to wait patiently… healing and restoring the “nothingness” and “emptiness” where there is no hope, or vision or direction.


Sweet Spirit of the Eternal Anointed One…

I meet with you…in the Sacred Humility of Heart and Mind. Spirit of the Heavenly Father and the Beloved Son… give my Prayer as Holy Incense to the Ancient of Days. Fill me with your Holy Self… and pour forth in a life of sacrifice and praise, as a Holy Communion… me in thee and thee in me… together Forever. Oh for this Blessing Cup, this Holy Grail… this Holy Spirit!

Compassionate One…Gentle Dew of Heaven… Spirit of Truth…
My Lord the Spirit…Guide and Protect me with the angels of the Most High God… Teach me of Christ our Beloved… and of our Dear Father, tranquility of soul… joy, peace and power… faithfulness, kindness… all that you are!
Raise me… change me.
Satisfy my soul ’till I want no more… I love you… I thank you… Gentle Dove of God. Come rest in my love… I just want to dwell in Union with the Mystery of God in Christ,


Messiah prayed…”Father may they be ONE in us…as we are”…
The Coming of the Holy Spirit upon us…to be baptized with the Holy Spirit… is the Spiritual Anointing Oil and Grace of God’s Blessing…
Once only here and there on special prophets and  young King David did God give His Spiritual Power…but he promised through the Prophet Joel to pour it out in the last days on all who would be called.
On the Day of Pentecost Peter said to the crowd, Acts 2:16-18…“This is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel…It shall come to pass in the last days, says God, I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy and your young men shall see visions and your old men shall dream dreams and on my servants and on my handmaidens I will pour out in those days OF MY SPIRIT… 38 repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Yahshuah the Messiah for the remission of sins and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit…39 for the Promise is unto you and to your children and to all that are afar off, even as many as the Lord our God shall call.”


“When He, the Spirit of Truth is come, He will guide you into all
truth, for He shall not speak of himself but whatever he shall hear, that shall he speak and he will show you things to come… He will glorify me for he will take of mine and show it unto you” John 16:13-14
“How much more shall your Heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them who ask Him?” Luke 11:13
“You will receive power after the Holy Spirit has come upon you” Acts 1:8
“Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit he cannot enter into the Kingdom of God. That which is born of the flesh is flesh and that which is born of the Spirit is Spirit, marvel not that I say unto you, you must be born again. The wind blows wherever it wills… and you hear the sound of it but cannot tell where it comes from or where it goes… so is everyone that is born of the Spirit” John 3:5-8
The New Covenant is all about the coming of the Holy Spirit… Filling and Creating in us a New Heart of Love and Worship… that we might become those whom the Father is seeking for, as in John 4. Spiritual worshipers… a Royal Priesthood of those who are priests unto YAHWEH… with no need of an outer Temple made of stones. They simply give themselves as living sacrifices of praise and offer Him the fruit of their lips as sweet Incense.
Ps.27:6, 51:17,107:22, Eze.11:19-20, 36:26, Romans 12:1, 1 Cor.3:16, Heb.10:1-6,13:16, 1 Peter2:5,

(Permission is given to print this page out for personal meditation & study.
Not for sale or use on other web sites or publications)
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With Blessings from Psalmist Susan
Gold Coast Australia


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